HMO Patients

Patients With HMO Insurance

Our medical practice accepts HMO insurance!

This is possible through the wonderul Medical Groups whom we work with. These Medical Groups include: Regal Medical Group and ADOC Medical Group.

It just takes the patient a simple step to designate our Clinic as your provider for your HMO insurance so that your medical care will be covered at low (or no!) cost. Simply call the customer service number in the back of your insurance card, and ask to be switched to our clinic!


The various insurance companies may identify our clinic with some of the following details:

   Provider = Michael Truong, MD

   Dr. Truong’s NPI = 1376834143

   Address = 1200 N. Tustin Ave, ste 130;

                       Santa Ana, CA 92705

   Phone = 657-600-9077

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Insurance Questions?

Call us for any detailed questions regarding your insurance!